​​​How Do We Work?
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Not only do we inform you but we also give you hints to save money and ask for more time.  
According to the California Pawnbrokers Association.  
Governor Brown signed a bill, AB 1993 by Assemblymember Mike Gipson, which reduces the 30-day hold peroid to just 7 days!

This means when a pawnshop purchases an item we will no longer have to hold the item for 30-days.

Effective January 1, 2019 this law will go into effect.

There were no changes to items that are pawned.  All pawns items have a 120 (4 month) pawn period.  At the end of that peroid we will mail you a Love Letter (notice) letting you know our item(s) is due.

As life has it's twists and turns we try and send some uplifting messages your way.

We love our customers and care about each and every one.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

​We are here for you!


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