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Murphy's Pawn & Loan are proud to be a part of Oroville since 1988.
We believe on helping our neighbors no matter how near or far they are.  
OROVILLE — When Cindy Jo Banse moved with her family from Oakland to Oroville, she had little idea that she would be making history.

Since 2006, she has been head of a business in a male-oriented industry — a pawn shop — and this year celebrates her company’s 30 years in business.

She shares the headlines with her mother, Linda Murphy, who launched Murphy’s Pawn and Loan with her husband, Charles. Murphy owned a pawn shop in Oakland and continued on in Oroville.

Banse was happy to step up in the business she had grown up in and taken over. Banse said she has enjoyed the business, and isn’t really interested in heading down another avenue.

In promoting the pawn shop, Banse focuses on the sense of adventure that coming-and-going merchandise provides, and likens it to a “flea market” atmosphere.

“We don’t spit and polish everything here. It sits there pretty much as it came in.”

But she does work to make sure she helps customers in any way she can.

For those who plunk down items for the cash advance and then try to pay it back to recover the item, she says there’s flexibility.

“If you tell us you need a couple of days to get the payment, you got it. We try to work with people.”

Banse said having competition in Oroville has forced Murphy’s to carve out a niche from others in the pawn business. Mostly, it’s being family run and dependent upon themselves that dictates how they operate.

Banse said she’s proud of being able to continue with her mother, after her father died, providing a business, creating jobs and helping the community.

“What does a woman bring with this business? I won’t say softness, but I try to treat customers as I would like to be treated,” says Banse.

As small a town as Oroville is, there are residents who’ve never known about Murphy’s Pawn, which sparked Banse to turn to social media to spread the word. She regularly markets on Instagram, Facebook and the website.

“It’s taken a while for people to catch on, but I think the various help we give people shows up in different ways. That’s why the different social media comes in handy.”

For some customers, Banse is just a friendly face behind the counter. For others, she and her mother are more like counselors, listening to personal problems or family issues.

When there are no customers, Murphy works on a hobby of painting old saw blades and sewing quilts. “Or maybe we’ll just sit down and play cards.”

Daughter and mom are proud of the three decades of business. “Our slogan is neighbors helping neighbors. Our goal is to make people comfortable, not pressured and not embarrassed,” said Banse.

That may explain why some of those customers greeted by Linda and Charles Murphy back in the ’80s, walk in to hear Cindy Jo Banse’s voice of welcome. If there was an indication of how Murphy’s treats its customers, it can be found in a recent Facebook post.

“Congratulations! For those of you who were or are our customer, for pressing forward looking for better things. Achieving goals, getting jobs and getting a paycheck. How exciting how awesome congratulations.”

Banse doubts that her children will follow in her footsteps, but “that’s OK” with her.

“My goal is to stay here as long as I can.”

Laura Urseny is a business and general news reporter, as well as a columnist.
Reach her at [email protected] or follow Laura on Twitter: @LauraUrseny

We all like to keep the window cracked to either let the cool air in or let the hot air out.
DON'T !!!
That is the best way for criminals to get into your home and steal valuable or precious items from you.

HINT - Take the next few days and photo all your belongings and document the Make, Model & Serial Number. Keep this information in two locations one in your house (back of your Refrigerator last thing they will steal) and one out of home or in the cloud. You should be revising this list on an annual or bi-annual bases. It is really really hard to get your belongings back without this information.

I would also suggets to do a video inventory and upload to the cloud and should do this on a quartly bases that way you are covered in case of a robbery or a natural disaster.

OMG - I got robbed.... Congratulations if you did the above you are in good shape.
This is what you need to do:
Make a police report and get a copy. Send a copy with all the pictures to all Pawn Shops, Buy/Sell and Thrift shops. In your area and surrounding areas. Also if it is Jewelry send that info to all the Jewelry stores as well as above. This will help us help you. 

IF - The law states anything that coming into a pawnshop a police report must be processed with that person's info and thumb print and sent to their local law enforcement office and DOJ. If the police locate your item they will come in and view it and if it is the item the police will place a hold on the merchandise and notify you. They will have you come down with them and identify the merchandise. If the item is in fact yours you will need to pay what the pawnshop or secondhand store has in the merchandise and then you can get it back. So if we pawned it or bought it for $20 you would pay us $20 back no interest. It is called a finders fee and helps keep everyone honest. 

DIDN’T DO THE HINT or got the hint after the fact - Here is what you need to know. If something is pawned it will not hit the floor for 5 months and if it is sold at a pawn shop it will not hit the floor until after 30 days. This is the law. So don't waste your gas and wear and tear on your vehicle. Still make a police report and get a copy. Send a copy with all the pictures that you might have to all Pawn Shops, Buy/Sell and Thrift shops. In your area and surrounding areas. Also if it is Jewelry send that info to all the Jewelry stores as well as above. This will help us help you. You should check all the Thrift Shops no rules there as far as we know, check Flea Markets, Facebook, OfferUp, Letgo and Craig's List.

I do hope this information was helpful.  Video regarding the above.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEgXo5U3OxM

Questions You May Have

What do I need to Pawn or Sell?
You will need a state issued picture ID card or drivers license. This can be from any state. We CANNOT take anything from you without ID! PERIOD! We accept Prison ID’s, Consular Id’s and Passports with a utility bill in your name.

Will my item(s) be safe?
Yes they will. We are licensed by theCounty and State and have undergone very extensive background investigations in order to be in business. Our operation is constantly monitored by the County and law enforcement.  Our store is highly secured with multiple security systems, monitored camera systems and armed personnel. All of us have heard the horror stories concerning items left in pawn. This is NOT the case at Murphy's Pawn & Loan! Many people, in fact, are so comfortable with us that they pledge their jewelry, coins and electronics for a small loan in order to have it safely stored, retrieving it when they want to wear or use it.

How many Pawns can I have at once and how often can I pawn?
​In short, as many as you want and as often as you want! We have many regular customers that pawn daily or even more often and others we see but once a year. You can bring in as many different items as you want, or you can bring in the same item many times. That is the beauty of the pawn shop – you can’t max out your credit, only to be charged with an ‘over credit’ charge and the only limit on how much you can borrow is in how much your items are worth on pawn to us!

What if I can't pay off the loan?
You may pay just the interest and handling charge. This will give you another 4 months. We do not accept part payments; however when you pay the interest and we re-write the loan for you, you may elect to pay off part of the loan at that time and we will re-write the new loan for the new amount. If you are out of town or cannot come in, you can have someone else pay the interest for you and we will give them a new pawn ticket for the new loan. It will be still made out in your name and you will either have to give someone written NOTARIZED authorization to pick up the loan or come in yourself.

Can I have more than one item on a pawn ticket?
The Butte County Sheriff Department requires all serial serial numbered items to be on individual tickets. Jewelry can be up only 1 items per ticket. NO EXCEPTIONS!

What if I get a higher amount for my item, but elect to take less,  can I get an additional amount later?
No! Once a loan is written, we CANNOT change the amount of the loan. You can ‘redeem’ your item and we can write a new loan for the higher amount, less the interest already accrued and the original amount given, at that time. And no, you do not need to pay us before we pay you back; we will just deduct the interest from the difference.​

What if I can't make it on time to renew or pick up my loan or I found out after my due date that my item was past due?
We here a Murphy's Pawn and Loan really try to work with our customers and it just takes a phone call or a face to face visit to let us know your intentions.  We don't stock the moment your item is due we are relaxed about out stocking process which allows the holy crap moment to be in your favor; however, we do ask for you to pay a late/holding fee.  At this time you can pay off you loan and take it home or renew you loan for another 4 months.