Here at Murphys Pawn and Loan we are excited to announce our 30th Anniversary! WOW, what a ride it’s been and can’t wait for another 30 years. 

Linda Murphy and Charles Murphy started the business in 1988 as a Feedstore/Pawn Shop. The Pawn Shop over took the feed store so we had to close the feed store and open up in a different location. Our Pawn Shop has been here from day one and we are proud and honored to be a part of the community of Oroville California. We have watched our customers grow up and mature in life. We have watched our customers struggle and then succeed. It is an amazing and humbling to watch the transition with our community. Come on down and join us for some refreshments, to say hello and receive your five dollars Murphy’s Buck. This is the first time that we’ve ever offered the Murphy’s Bucks. We are very excited about it and we hope you will be to. This is our gift to you. Thank You for allowing us to be a part of your community and life.
Can’t wait! Cindy Jo and Linda Murphy will here to greet you and to say Thank You. 

Note: refreshments will be offered until supplies run out. The Murphy’s Buck will be offered to adults.

October 19, 2018

Layaway Policy

40 + YEARS



We feel our Layaway policy is the best around.  25% down and as little as $1.00 every 30 days until paid off.  ​​​​NO interest charged on Layaways and NO time limit.
We started in Oakland, CA and moved to lovely Oroville, CA we have 30+ years in Oroville

"Flea Market" style Pawn Shop

We try to treat our customers as family.  
That could be crazy at times but in the most part customers apprciate the honesty and relaxed atmosphere.
We like to show you the real condition of the products out for sale.  We don't try to fool the eye by spit shinning each and every thing.
Murphy's Pawn & Loan offers services for people who need cash fast, as well as those who are shopping for high quality merchandise at deeply discounted prices. Our employees are happy to assist you with all of your needs. Visit Murphy's Pawn & Loan today!

Loan Services
Are you counting the days until pay day, or have you encountered an unexpected expense? In these stressful situations you need money fast, and a bank or other lending institution is not the best option for a quick loan. At Murphy's Pawn and Loan, there are no credit checks, and you do not have to wait for loan approval. We can provide you with a loan in just minutes, giving you cash when you need it most.

Cash For Gold/Silver
The value of gold/silver has been consistently rising, making it a very valuable commodity. If you are interested in selling your gold/silver, we invite you to visit Murphy's Pawn & Loan.  We are proud to offer the fair price on gold. Our highly trained pawn brokers will ensure that your gold/silver selling experience is a positive one.
We Offer a Superior Pawn Shop Experience
When you are shopping for jewelry, electronics, or any other retail item, don’t head to the mall head to the pawn shop! Check out Murphy's Pawn & Loan for an excellent selection of high quality items at prices that can’t be beat. Our inventory is constantly changing, but we are confident that you will find what you need when you visit our store.


Pawn shops by California state law must hold items for 4 months and 10 days before putting merchandise out for sale.  At the 10 day peroid a notice i.e LOVE LETTER will be mailed out to the customer to remind them that their item is due and needs to be picked up or renewed. Renewing a loan gives the customer another 4 months and 10 days.  We charge $3.00 per notcie sent and if the pawn ticket is lost we charge $7.00 per ticket.  Most pawn shops charge $10.00 for a lost ticket.  We are here to help our neighbors not hurt them.  

Owner of Murphy's Pawn & Loan

Hello my name is Cindy Jo,
I am the current owner of Murphy's Pawn & Loan.  I am the daughter of Charles and Linda Murphy who established Murphy's in Oroville, CA in 1988.  I am proud of what they started and continue to hold thier work ethic.  However, I have brought a little technogoly to the shop which made my mom uneasy but when the law calls for it that's what I must do.  She liked the old way but is continuing to learn the new programs and systems.

Market Prices

Click the Download for a copy of California Current Pawn Tickets
First Owners "Parents"
Sales Staff

Can't forget the Pawn Shop Dogs!

Charles Murphy Sr & Linda Murphy
Linda Started Pawn Shop in Oakland called Linda's Pawn.  In the early 80's she closed that shop and moved to Orovile. Opened Murphy's in 1988.  Charles was her support through out the process.  You will see Linda here on a part time regular bases.  We lost Charles Murphy Dec. 15, 2015.  My dad is always directing me on what, when and how do do something.  He was a amazing man and forever my HERO.
Linda Murphy
Loves her customers both long time and new. She is a real as real can be.  Almost like dealing with a mom on every transaction.
Cindy Jo
I took over ownership in 2006 and continue to learn and appriciate our customers.  Without them we wouldn't be here.  Thank You!
Gigi & Ginger
These girls were born October 8, 2009.
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Neighbors Helping Neighbors We are here for you.
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